Hello World!

Well, here goes nothing…

Welcome to The CubicSphere!

So let me start by sharing what type of content can you expect me to ramble about:
I’m a journalist by trade, but I was always a bit more interested in the visual arts – even though I still love writing.
So I decided to combine the two worlds.
I will write on this blog about my current interests, opinion and criticism on the topics that are close to me, which is mostly the usual: video games, webcomics, art, movies…
Meanwhile I aim to share ventures and experiences in my other areas of interest. Show off some comics or art, or a video game or other project I’m currently working on.
I will try to keep deeply personal content (i.e: real life troubles or drama) to a minimum, but since this is a “one man blog” I can’t guarantee it. Other personal life experience stuff will be present though, fair warning.
What I can tell for certain is that this is not an educational blog. That doesn’t mean that you won’t learn anything of course – some which will probably come from my own successes or mistakes. It also doesn’t mean that I won’t write a tutorial or share tips if I feel like it. It just means that if you are looking for outright scientific content or serious learning, this might not be the blog for you. There are professional blogs out there with people way smarter than me, and with well researched and written content. You should only stick around for my personal life lessons.
In short: If – for example – you want some serious topics on “How to make a professional comic” I’m not your guy (Scott McCloud is a good starting point on the other hand). But if you are looking for “How does Cubix personally makes his comics” I might just be the person you are looking for… scattered around several blog posts most likely.
(Don’t worry though, I keep my categories and tags neat and tiddy. I’m pretty prudent about that.)
Note: I don’t give out these “[Trigger warnings]”. I’ll try to keep clickbait to a bare minimum, so you will be able to tell by the header and/or categories what type of topic I’m going to talk about. If you keep reading despite that then it’s your own choice and I take no responsibility for it.

Due note that most of the time I am a lengthy writer. I usually find myself leaving walls of text on some comment section, even on simple topics. Also I tend to go into off-topic frequently and try to explain my logic or reasoning. But when I re-read my entries I delete most of the fluff to save you time.
So while I will open a Twitter account with this blog, I most likely won’t use it for anything other than sharing blog and project updates. The character count there is just too limiting for me, especially for getting into more in-depth subjects.

Blog update frequency: Currently once a week on Fridays – with the possibility of some infrequent posts during the week if I have a lot on my mind.
I want to keep things simple for starters, because I’m the usual “enthusiastic, but burns out quickly” type of guy, and one of the reasons I started this blog is to teach myself discipline instead of relying on motivation.We’ll see how that goes…
In the meantime, I keep the current update schedule in the side bar in case I decide to change it.

About commenting: I love and welcome all the comments. If you leave a relevant message, joke, idea, suggestion – even on a months old post – I promise I won’t mind it. But please: keep the internet etiquette in mind and stay on topic.
As per usual, I will remove all comment that are:

  • Racists, sexist or hateful.
  • Contains personal information (doxing), is a personal attack or advocates witch-hunt.
  • Purposefully offensive.
  • Irrelevant links, spam and blatant advertising.
  • Links to pirated, pornographic or illegal content.

You will be issued a warning if you:

  • Link a “Not Safe for Work” content without tagging it. This is how you should do it:
    Here is the link to the video [NSFW]:  (video link) “
  • Get political on a non-political topic (which is going to be pretty rare).
  • Constantly going off-topic or breaking these guidelines.

I promise not to let this minor power get into my head though. I will issue out warnings, but after that I do keep the right to remove any comment, so please: keep it civil!

One last thing:
I’m not a native English speaker.
If you find weird sentence structures, grammatical mistakes, or too many commas, then this is the reason why and I apologize in advance.
Feel free to politely call it to my attention in a personal message or a comment. (But do not start your comment with a “[insert error here]*“. Comment on the content first and foremost. If you frequently leave just a list of my errors I will fix it, but your comment will be removed and you’ll be issued a warning.)

So with all off that said:

Welcome again to my blog!

Stay tuned for my first real post…


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