Upcoming plans…

I wanted to leave a quick post to give off some e-life signs. So no, I didn’t gave up already, no worries.

Sorry about the lack of posts (to my 1 or 2 possible current readers, you guys are still the best) these last two weeks were a bit frustrating, and the US election was certainly not helping.
But anyway, I’m not here to complain and needlessly explain (Not under 2000 words). My birthday is coming up (Yay) and Christmas too (Actual Yay!), so I though I leave a quick note about some things I’m planning for the end of the year and next year.

Yes, that will include my usual thousand word essays no one reads, but not today.
Speaking off those essays, I do have two topics ready to be expended upon:
– My thoughts about Portal and it’s influences over the years. Yeah, that’s another old bone, but I think I can throw some stuff in that no one talked about yet hopefully.
– And I wanted to talk about EVIIIIIL. More specifically: This weird relationship some games have with “kind of letting you go evil, but not really”, but it needs a bit more research on my part.

Also, I know I gave my blog the tagline: “rambling about gaming, comics and art” and I yet to cover one of the last two… (But video games are art, Cubix!)
Buuuut… I just don’t have anything yet. Sorry.
When I come up with a relevant topic under “Comics”, I’ll write about it. It’ll probably be about webcomics anyway.
Or I am always up for topic ideas if anyone wants me to cover something in a really long-winded way.

However, I do have some of my own comic ideas.
In fact: I actually decided to commit and start my own webcomic.
I have two “big project” ideas: One is a fantasy adventure, and the other is set in the Star Wars universe (So it’s technically also a fantasy adventure). Both of them are comedic action-adventures. I came up with the main story elements, character descriptions, some storylines and joke ideas, but the character designs do need some more work.
I really wanted to draw them both, but it has to be one at a time, so I’m going to go with my fantasy adventure idea first.
Maybe I should’ve gone with the Star Wars one, so people won’t complain I took ideas from the new films, if they cover ideas I though about now, but oh well. I have to choose.

So yeah, look forward to those in the – hopefully near – future, and I’ll also throw in some one-shot comics in the mean time, when I finally sit down and draw them.


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