About Cubic’s Rube

The CubicSphere is the personal blog of Cubic’s Rube or Cubix, aka. David.
It’s about gaming, webcomics, arts and whatever comes to his mind…

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  • CubicSphere?
    It’s both a reference to the word “Blogosphere” and to the fact that this is my own little place on the web. My own “sphere”, if you will.
    The cubic part just refers to my nickname.
  • Where does your nickname come from?
    I’m from Hungary, and I wanted to come up with a nickname that references that in a small way – since my original Hungarian nickname, that I used before, doesn’t really work in English.
    So I though: I could just reverse the Rubik’s Cube (a Hungarian invention) and go with that. I didn’t plan to use it for long but then it just stuck, and it kind of grown on me since.
    I didn’t think about it at the time but many years ago in Hungary they used to call computer nerds “Cube heads” – you know, because of the CRT monitors – so it’s kind of fitting that way as well.
  • But shouldn’t you be nicknamed Cubik’s then?
    Technically yes, but then again, Ernő Rubik is a living person, and I don’t want to insult him by using his real name and twisting it for my online handle. So I just varied it up a bit and I like it the way it is.
  • Hey, are you related to that other Cubik’s Rube blog?
    Not in any way, shape, or form, other than sharing the same nickname.
    To be honest: I didn’t really check it when I came up with it, only noticed it later.
    And since I only share the nickname and not the blog name I intended to keep it, even though technically “they came up with it first.”
    But they spell it with a k, so there is that.
  • If I like your content how can I support you?
    If you really feel like supporting me I’m honored. But currently I don’t feel like the amount of content I wrote is enough – or worthy – to be supported yet, but watch this place and I’ll provide some link later down the line, when I feel like it’s worthy of supporting.
  • No funny questions?
    Absolutely not, this is a serious blog with serious people. Our memes always need to provide at least three “Ha”-s to be considered funny here.
  • Will this section have some actual questions or are you just keep asking from yourself?
    If I notice that my dear readers keep asking me the same questions, I will provide my answers here.